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HANKING HERO H9 5W40 4L - Hanking Lube
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●Gasoline, passenger diesel, LPG engine vehicle
●Engine to which the state-of-the –art technology such as multi-value (DOHC), turbo charge, direct injection system (CRDI), etc. is applied.
●Passenger car, light truck, van, RV vehicle, four-wheel driven SUV vehicle, high-end imported vehicles such as BMW, Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, etc., and vehicles furnished with after-treatment device such as DPF, etc.
●Excellence performance on Europe standard: Extra long service life


●High-performance engine oil applying a state-of-the-art Euro type additive technology to an Ultra-S base oil (VHVI base oil).
●Excellent stability in viscosity to keep lubricating films strong even at a ultra high temperature condition to be excellent in engine protection performance
●Excellent traffic ability to maintain outstanding ride comfort and silence even in high speed travel
●Maximization of exhaust gas purifier efficiency by applying a Low-SAPS technology minimizing the content of ash, sulfur and phosphorus in engine oil to protect the post-treatment device such as DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), etc. installed to copy with the new exhaust gas regulations



●International standard
●5W30:API SN/CF, ACEA C2, C3&A3/B4
●5W40:API SN/CF, ACEA C3&A3/B4
●Auto maker standard
●MB 229.51/229.31
●BMW LL-04

●VW 502.00/505.00



SAE viscosity Kinematic viscosity,mm²/s(cSt) Viscosity index Pour point(℃) Flash point(℃)
40℃           100℃
5W-30 70.1              12.0 168 -38 228
5W-40 83.3              13.7 169 -38 228
Crossover SUV & MPVs, Gasoline Engine Oil, Recommend